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Original Content

We can create original content for streaming platforms, broadcast, theaters, and the Internet

Original content is produced in a manner that’s never been done before. It’s video content that is fresh, unique, and relevant.

At Flix Oven, we love to create things that are truly original.

Flix Oven is the perfect partner to take your original video concept/idea and turn it into a new tv show, documentary, or feature film.

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People are watching Netflix and other streaming platforms more than ever before. And we know you’ve got an awesome idea for a show or series. We can help you develop the through lines in your story and plan the episodic content you’ll need for your series. But, if you have everything ready to go, we can also help you film each episode.

short & feature films

Movies are awesome.  They come in all shapes, sizes, lengths and budgets. And we can help you make your next short film or work with you to plan your first feature. Let us help you turn your concept or screenplay into a feature that you’re proud of. We specialize in micro-budget productions but we’re also capable of working with larger budgets as well.

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Documentaries are our bread and butter. We’re experienced filmmakers that know how to operate in unpredictable environments and locations. With a set of guidelines and a rough story arc, we can make the mundane look magical and feel inspiring. 

our work

The Box

Tyler speaks with Koreans who’ve stepped out of society’s box to find their own fulfillment in surprising ways and fields of work.

Each guest’s unconventional path is explored in this inspirational series.

A Man’s World

Dongsung is under pressure to get married. But he’s already in love with Raoul, a man he met while studying abroad. A reckless plan to find a fake girlfriend turns into a hostage situation that could see Dong Sung lose both his life and family. It’s up to Raoul and a troupe of drag queens to save the day. But what is salvation?

We can develop, film, and edit a variety of content across genres and industries. Review our work to see how we’ve helped others achieve their creative vision then contact us to learn how we can help you achieve yours.

our process

Flix Oven video production process
Flix Oven video production process

5-steps is all it takes to turn an idea or concept into a video. Our process is fast, efficient, and easy to follow, even if you’re making your first video.

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