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Fixing &
Video Production

Fixing and Video Production services in English while filming in South Korea

Flix Oven supports filmmakers, journalists, and production companies wanting to film in South Korea. Our bilingual filmmakers & crew members can assist with:

Local Crew
Location Scouting
Translation / Interpretation
Production Management
Transportation & Logistics
Equipment & Gear Rental
Post Production
Digital Intermediate
The Box with Tyler Rasch poster

Location Scouting

We have a catalog of unique locations across Seoul and South Korea that would be perfect for your next film or photoshoot. Or, if you need a studio setting, we have access to a wide variety of high-quality studios both large and small.

Filming Crew

Flix Oven filmmakers have years of experience working on small production crews that can deliver big results. They are well versed in the latest filmmaking technology and techniques. And they’re an asset to any production.

Flix Oven filming crew gear
The Box with Tyler Rasch poster


Our team speaks English and Korean fluently. We’re able to provide both real-time interpretations and Korean translations. And, we’re also able to provide information, in English, on permits, documents, and insurances required for filming on location in South Korea.


South Korea has some of the best transportation services in the world. Rental cars, trains, subways, buses and planes are all available when moving from location to location during filming. Let us know your travel preferences and we’ll organize transportation services and logistics to move people and gear as needed for the production.

Flix Oven provides transportation and logistics for video production
Remote directing and view with Flix Oven


COVID-19 has changed the filmmaking landscape. We’re fully prepared to provide remote viewing and directing options so you don’t have to be physically on-set. We use the latest technologies from Teradek and Blackmagic design to stream live video feeds of the production to you in your home country. Ask us how we can set up a remote directing / viewing session for you on your next video, film or photoshoot in Seoul, South Korea.

our process

Flix Oven video production process
Flix Oven video production process

5-steps is all it takes to turn an idea or concept into a video. Our process is fast, efficient, and easy to follow, even if you’re making your first video.

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