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We’ve helped companies, just like yours, earn more than $10 Million in funding

Marketers and businesses are using video to advertise, educate, and entertain. 

New video formats, social media platforms, and viewership trends are driving customers to engage with videos in new ways. 

Don’t miss your chance to promote your products and services to the right customers and increase your sales. 

Contact Flix Oven today to get started, and we’ll create a video that gets noticed by your customers.

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Product Marketing

Your product needs a video. But the video can’t just be about the product itself. A great product video highlights the problems your product solves in a novel way. Your product video should explain your product’s tangible benefits while emphasizing its unique features.

Crowdfunding Video

A great video is critical to your crowdfunding campaign. Most backers base their decision to back a campaign after watching just a few seconds of the campaign video. We’re experienced in conceptualizing, developing, and filming crowdfunding videos. Our videos have helped Korean businesses earn more than $10 Million in revenue.

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Video Game Trailers

Video games are a thriving business. But with so many games being released across a plethora of platforms, it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd. Let us create a game trailer that stands-out from the crowd and gets your game noticed. We provide full-service video game trailers from concept to distribution.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short marketing videos that introduce your product or service to potential customers and explain why customers should buy from you. These videos are usually posted on your company’s homepage and can be live-action with real people or animated with 2D graphics.

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Social Media Marketing

Exposure is a vital part of sales & marketing. We can create a series of short videos that you can post across your social media channels to help drive traffic, increase your sales, and build brand awareness.

our work

MCM Advertisement

A product marketing video that highlights the design process and handcrafted techniques used to craft the MCM Killian backpack.

Homelec advertisement

A branding video introducing the new line-up of Homelec personal massagers that were inspired by the 4-elements.

Wood House Brand Film

A fashion film launching the latest Wood House collection inspired by Korean street styles.

We can develop, film, and edit a variety of content across genres and industries. Review our work to see how we’ve helped others achieve their creative vision then contact us to learn how we can help you achieve yours.

our process

Flix Oven video production process
Flix Oven video production process

5-steps is all it takes to turn an idea or concept into a video. Our process is fast, efficient, and easy to follow, even if you’re making your first video.

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