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Thomas Maitland and Jason Lee talking on set
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Flix Oven Team
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Flix Oven Team
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our team

Jason Lee, Producer at Flix Oven

Jason Lee


A producer with global operational expertise and abilities to optimize workflows & budgets.

Thomas Maitland, Producer/Director at Flix Oven

Thomas Maitland

Producer / Director / DOP

A cinematographer with a background in documentary development and filmmaking.

Daniel Walker, Producer/Director/Writer at Flix Oven

Daniel Walker

Producer / Director / Writer

A producer & director focused on creative development for documentaries, series, and films.

who we are

We are a multicultural team of filmmakers working across genres and formats to tell diverse stories that intersect culture, language and nationality.

We’re based in Seoul, South Korea and our backgrounds are in business, television & feature film development, cinematography, and video production.

Artists, filmmakers, and businesses want to work with us because we’re professional, diligent, and authentic in our approach to storytelling and the filmmaking process.

why people work with us


Curious To Our Cores

We want to know all the details. Having a full understanding helps us find the best way to connect an audience to the story we need to tell in the video. We like to ask questions early and often so we can gain a better understanding before we start filming.


Entrepreneurial Hearts & Minds

We know that no two film projects are alike, so that’s why we treat every project as a new venture. We start from the ground up and build-up each project based on the needs of the video concept. And we look at the challenges presented not as obstacles but as opportunities to achieve the greatest creative output possible.


Process Oriented

Fully developed video production processes enable us to be successful at every stage of the filmmaking process. Our processes enhance our workflows, allow us more time to be creative, and provide an outline for what happens next.



From the actors we work with, to our clients on commercial films. Everyone always comments on our professionalism and how enjoyable it is to work with us.

Our professionalism stems from the pride we take in our work. The diligence we put into making sure that all the details are accounted for. And our ability to communicate during the entirety of the filmmaking process.

our philosophy

Understanding Is The First Step to Problem Solving

We want to know your ideas, thoughts, and feelings because we know that these are important for delivering a high-quality video. Not only to you but also to your intended audience. And when we know what you want, we’ll be in a better position to problem solve.

Creativity Is An Evolving Process

We love a good brainstorming session so we can find as many ideas as possible that works best for the video concept and production. But, we also don’t limit ourselves to only being creative during the conceptualization phases. We like to maintain our creativity all the way through the filmmaking process to maximize creative output and deliver the highest quality video possible.

Planning Is Not Optional

Devising a great plan provides opportunities when challenges arise during production. Knowing what we want to accomplish helps us better understand how best to approach the tasks at hand given the circumstances presented when filming.

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