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Video Production
In South Korea

Flix Oven provides video production & fixing services to filmmakers, journalists, and production companies wanting to film in South Korea.

We can help you develop, produce, film and deliver multilingual unscripted, documentary and commercial videos in English and Korean to global audiences.


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Our Work

The Counter

CLIENT: Ad Antic

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Moktan Productions

ROLES: Producer, Fixer, DIT, Production Support

A product launch video for a hand crafted bracelet inspired by the heritage of classic cars.

Street Armor


ROLES: Producer, Fixer, Photographer, DIT, Production Support

A photoshoot to promote the launch of Street Armor’s new fashion line that blends street wear with motorcycle riding gear. The photoshoot took place over multiple days and across several locations in Seoul & Incheon, South Korea.

Into The Drink (Pilot)



ROLES: Producer, DOP, Production Manager, Production Support

Into The Drink is a TV series that follows three bartenders from SouthSide Parlor in Seoul, South Korea as they go on a journey to travel the world to develop new cocktails using locally sourced alcohol and ingredients, whilst learning about the local drinking culture and history.

The Speed of Science

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Moktan Productions

ROLES: Producer, DOP, Production Support

We provided production support to Moktan Productions, including a DOP, sound recordist, logistics, and transportation.

Alpha Neck – Testimonial

CLIENT: Hot Circle

ROLES: Development, Producer, DOP, Production Support

A testimonial video to help launch a new product, the Alpha Neck, on Kickstarter. Flix Oven also produced the main video for the Alpha Neck Kickstarter camapign which helped Hot Circle raise $300,000.

We’ve worked with international brands, OTT platforms, content creators, and award-winning production companies to film and deliver remarkable commercials, feature films, documentaries, and TV series to audiences around the globe.

Review our portfolio to see more of our work.

What We Offer

Research & Development

It’s difficult to get the full story when you’re an outsider. But with our help, we’ll get you access to the right people to talk to, and you’ll be able to find a unique angle that allows you to tell your story from a more culturally accurate perspective.

Local Bilingual Crew

We can provide local crew members for your production that can communicate in both Korean and English. DITs, DOPs, directors, sound recordists, PAs, and more are available.

Interpretation & Translation

We work with professional translators to ensure footage that features the Korean language is translated correctly. And, we have producers who can communicate with you in English and with any local contacts in Korean.

Locations, Permits & Transportation

We’re experienced at finding unique filming locations, getting permission to film and transporting crew, gear and talent safely. We can also complete any necessary paperwork and obtain any necessary permits to film.

Remote Directing

Our video technologists can provide a wide variety of options that allow you to monitor what the camera sees and direct in real-time with minimal frame delay.

Our goal is to fully develop your vision and capture it on video. Our passions and backgrounds allow us to work with all kinds of content creators and organizations across a variety of industries.

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